Saturday December 16

Dj Crum

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Sunday December 17

Song Cycle 1 w/ Old Friend// Mariya May//Annie Perkins & Guests

Friday December 22

attend, share, play advance human dignity via creative priorities. video artists, animators, photographers and visual artists - let's get you on the screen! free tacos available at 7pm for people spinning vinyl and/or sharing art show up with a thumb drive of your work or stream from your own laptop through a hdmi or vga output you invite yes. orginal bring favortie handful records to spin friends. Dj we show you how now. get live Valentine's Bar happy hour, screening visuals, the sights of Ankeny Alley, fresh entertainment surface noise* moment vinyl oPen screens/turntable. please share now . you . host ghost
Surface Noise / Test Pattern 6 to 9 = You Play Vinyl + Show Visual Art

Thursday January 11

Shout your abortion Art Show hold

Saturday January 13

Devils Pie w/ DJ Wicked

DJ Wicked

Thursday January 18

Music Videos & Cookies ft the Chicharones & Animal Nation

Saturday January 20


Sunday January 28

Bridal Veil and This Planet Earth

Saturday February 10

Devils Pie w/ DJ Wicked

Thursday February 15

Music videos & Cookies ft. The Chicharones & Animal Nation

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