9pm Tuesday July 26

My Body is an Ashtray
xiphoid process
Mike Moldy

9pm Thursday July 28

Todd Gleason
Mick Arrell

6pm Friday July 29

6-9 Every Friday
Surface Noise Vinyl Invitational Happy Hour

* bring your favorite records (think tote bag, not crate of records) and take your turn on the decks (we'll even show you how to use them if you need a primer).

9pm Saturday July 30

Princess Dimebag

5pm Sunday July 31


À reading #30 // Sidony O'neal, Juleen Johnson, Tommy Pico [click for more]

9pm Monday August 1

Hollow Sidewalks

9pm Wednesday August 3

Prissy Whip
Biker Weed

9pm Thursday August 4

Soul Ipsum
E-Rock w/ Magic Fades DJ

9pm Saturday August 6

Dj Alan Hart

9pm Sunday August 7

Pure Surface

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